Exploring the Advantages of Mould Tool Texturing by 5-Axis Laser

Changing the aesthetics by adding a design 5-axis laser texturing is a specialised manufacturing process that involves the use of lasers to create complex and precise textures or patterns on the surface of three-dimensional objects. Unlike traditional methods which are limited in their ability to achieve complex designs, laser texturing is a precise, repeatable process […]

Backlit Buttons for Automotive and Aerospace

In the world of automotive and aerospace design attention to detail is paramount, especially when it comes to creating components like backlit buttons. One of the key features enhancing user experience and safety is the use of day/night controls.

Fimark Enhances Craftsmanship with Carveco Software Integration

Fimark Enhances Craftsmanship with Carveco Software Integration Fimark have recently integrated an all-in-one software solution called Carveco (previously known as ArtCAM), into their creative arsenal. This cutting-edge addition allows Fimark to turn 2D designs into sculpted 3D engraving. Carveco software is used by top designers around the world to sculpt and model in 3D. For […]

Laser Etching Services

At Fimark we work closely with clients in the aerospace, defence and automotive sectors. From backlit buttons and fascias to component identification and traceability solutions, we are experts in laser etching for a variety of purposes. Below you can see laser etching completed on a painted backlit fascia.

Power Boost:

Fimark announces a significant advancement in their technology as they upgrade the power output on their GF Machining Solutions’ state of the art L1000 5 axis laser texturing machine. Read about how this improvement in technology could benefit your business.

Precision Perfected

James Lamb embarked on a journey to create an exceptional and exclusive timepiece collection. Read about why Fimark were the perfect partner for the job and how they helped create a one of a kind watch dial.