Lord Mayor Michael Mainelli is driving the City of London’s role in addressing global challenges with ‘Connect to Prosper, a theme which emphasises the City’s strengths and its role in promoting innovative approaches to big challenges. 

‘The Square Mile’ of London is not just a financial hub but a leading world centre of knowledge and expertise. With over 40 learned societies, 70 higher education institutions and 130 research institutes, the city’s influence spans a multitude of disciplines from art and culture to engineering and finance. 

‘Connect to Prosper’ aims to harness this collective intelligence by bringing together thought leaders from diverse backgrounds. As Lord Mayor Mainelli puts it: “the City of London’s Square Mile is the world’s coffeehouse, where dreams are shared and realised”.  In the City’s early history the coffee houses were the meeting places of innovators, investors and pioneers.

To symbolise this spirit of connectivity and prosperity Lord Mayor Mainelli commissioned special coins to be made. Designed by Xenia Una Mainelli, the coins feature elements from the Lord Mayor’s personal coat of arms on the front and the iconic dragon of the City of London on the reverse. The dragon is a symbol of strength and resilience and represents London’s ability to overcome challenges and emerge stronger. The original cast iron dragons guard the boundaries of the city – the old financial sector and the home of previous city guilds of master craftsmen.

The ‘Connect to Prosper’ Coin was skilfully produced in glass by John Moncreiff Ltd., who specialise in lighting products and custom-made glass works. The Lord Mayor also commissioned Fimark Ltd to engrave a handful of bespoke coins made from carbon, a material not normally associated with minting. These coins act as a representation of his drive to “empower businesses to actively contribute to carbon reduction whilst maintaining the highest of standards”. 

Fimark are proud to have supported the Lord Mayor with this project.

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