Spray Painting Fascias for Classic Cars

Introducing HVAC control fascias for Classic Retrofit. 

Classic Retrofit was established when company founder, Jonny Hart, swapped his daily driver Mercedes 280 SLC for a classic Porsche 911 SC in need of restoration.

At that time Jonny was the MD of an electronics design consultancy within the defence and medical industries, and was looking for a new challenge. His first project on the classic Porsche 911 was an upgraded CDI ignition unit in the original style, but with modern electronics inside. This project was a huge success and hundreds of these are now in use around the world.

An even bigger breakthrough for Classic Retrofit came when Jonny developed his exceptional electric air conditioning for classic cars, transforming the experience of driving a classic car all year round in any sort of weather. This has been incredibly successful and is used in the world’s most challenging climates.

Fimark’s contribution:

Fimark manages the process of spray painting the HVAC control fascia for Classic Retrofit. This intricate process involves ensuring that no blemish mars the final product. The clear acrylic panels are free issued to Fimark which then go through a multi step process to achieve the perfect end result for Classic Retrofit.

Processes include spray painting, pad printing, a top coat of black and finally, laser etching with very careful registration to coincide with the pad printing of blue and red below the black.

Multiple rounds of meticulous spray painting and careful rubbing down ensures that the HVAC control fascias meet the required aesthetic standards for these sought after classic cars.