• Micro Laser Texturing

Micro Laser Texturing

To enhance and modify different surface properties

Specific micro textures can be created to enhance and modify different surface properties. This includes and is not limited to tribological properties, hydrophobic, micro-hydrodynamic surfaces, debris traps and lubricant reservoirs.

Other textures can be created to form micro cavities (e.g. grooves or dimples), which act as miniature hydrodynamic bearings during the relative motion between the two contact surfaces.

Debris traps in the form of micro cavities can also provide a sink area for debris particles and, as such, can help reduce friction caused by debris being prevalent in contact zones between surfaces.

If an area of surface contact loses lubrication, lubricant reservoirs in the form of micro-cavities can provide additional lubricant pools, which are drawn to the starved area thought capillary action.

The picture above is a 90mm steel plate exhibiting a micro-texture. The bottom left image illustrates a screen shot of the digitally finalised micro-texture used to engrave the plate.

The bottom right image is a microscopic picture of the lasered micro-surface. For further information, please contact us.