Laser Texturing Process

How it works, from scanning to texturing.

1. Digital Process

2. Texture Application on Component

3. Lasering Process

4. Final Result

Laser Texturing Process

The Laser Texturing Process around complex shapes is made possible by the component's CAD file. We apply digitally the texture/design onto the part and send the complete file to the laser, ensuring the component is well positioned in the machine.  

Our equipment software automatically and intuitively calculates how to achieve the desired result and includes transition-free patching, UV mapping for applying random over-lapping textures and full 3D simulation of the machine programme.

Texture Scanning Process

1. Original Texture

2. Scanned Texture

3. Final Result

Texture Scanning Process

Texture scanning as the name suggests, involves scanning any texture down to 10 micron precision (0.01mm). 

We model this data digitally to ensure it is readable by the laser system, and then apply the texture model digitally onto the component.