Laser Surface Texturing

  • Direct Laser Surface Texturing
    Direct Laser Surface Texturing

Laser Surface Texturing

Five axis laser micro machining offers unparalleled possibilities for the design of complex work pieces made of different materials in three dimensions and enables permanent changes to the material’s surface texture, structure and roughness.

The purposes of 3 Dimensional laser texturing are multiple, either enhancing the aesthetics or function of components by engraving a pattern or texture (haptic properties), modifying light refraction or enhancing tribological properties of bearing surfaces.

Our laser surface texturing machine is the most advanced and precise on the market. This machine possesses the latest 


5 axis technology and its multifunction fibre laser head enables the 3D engraving of 2D geometries right through to complex 3D geometries. This laser can be used as a mould texturing solution or for directly texturing the component. 

If you have any further questions regarding 3 Dimensional laser surface texturing, you can always contact us directly with your requirements.

Also, Production Engineering Solutions magazine published an article on our surface texturing process which you can read by clicking on the button bellow. 

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